Dress Code

Handsworth Golf Club has a rich history and tradition and maintains high standards.

It is forward-thinking and embraces the needs of the modern golfer.

To maintain standards all members, visitors and guests are asked to comply with Dress Code regulations.

On The Course

All playing and non-playing golfers must wear recognised golf attire.

Shirts must always be collared and tucked in.

Ladies may wear tailored shirts outside of skirts/shorts/skorts.

Polo neck shirts/sweaters are acceptable.

Shorts must be tailored and smart and must not be below knee-length.

Socks must be worn on the course and can be knee-length, ankle or sports socks, of any colour.

Trousers should never be tucked into socks, unless under waterproofs.

Golf hats must be worn in the conventional manner. If wearing a peak cap, the peak must be pointing forward.

Only shoes manufactured for the purpose of playing golf are allowed.

You cannot wear any type of denim, shirts bearing advertising logo’s, motif’s or illustrations,crew necks, t-shirts, football/rugby jerseys, combat/cargo wear. No hoodies, jeans, or tracksuits.


In The Clubhouse (main lounge, balcony and dining area)

Smart/casual attire is acceptable except when events specify a dress policy.

No dirty or muddy clothes to be worn in the Clubhouse.

No combat or cargo wear. No football/rugby shirts. No waterproofs.

Tailored shorts may be worn in the Clubhouse until 8pm if there are no Club functions taking place.

Sandals, with or without socks, may be worn on the balcony and in the Clubhouse until 8pm.

No headwear allowed unless for religious reasons.

No flip-flops, beachwear or vests. No trainers in the clubhouse.

For 'dress down' events the dress code will be relaxed.

In the Clubhouse (Snooker Room, adjacent casual bar)

Players may use these areas straight from the course.

Golf shoes, soft-spike and dimpled are allowed, as are trainers.

Denimwear and waterproofs are permitted.

You cannot enter the main lounge if wearing any of the above.

Please Note

Dress code regulations vary from club to club, so please make yourself aware of the Dress code.

You will be challenged by a committee member or staff member if incorrectly attired.

To save embarrassment for all parties, members and visitors are asked to adhere to the Dress code policy to avoid being asked to leave the Golf Club.

These regulations are in place so that all golfers, members and guests alike, may enjoy their round of golf.

The Board