Dress Code

Handsworth is a traditional member’s golf club that seeks to maintain standards both on the golf course and in the clubhouse and a dress code forms part of those standards.

On The Course

All recognised golf apparel may be worn. Denim wear, pullovers without shirts, non-golf trainer type shoes, non-golf shirts without collars, sun tops, vests and beachwear are not allowed. Shirts or blouses must be tucked inside trousers or shorts, with the exception of tailored golf tops. Tailored shorts may be worn but cargo/combat type shorts or similar are not acceptable. Ankle socks of the sports variety may be worn providing they are predominantly white, including "trainer" type shoe liners.

In The Clubhouse

The emphasis must be on smart casual dress with the following being unacceptable, outdoor coats and jackets, jeans or denim wear, cargo or combat trousers or similar, shirts without collars, rugby or soccer shirts, trainer type shoes or track suits. Tailored shorts may be worn in the Clubhouse but cargo/combat type shorts or similar are not acceptable. Dirty, wet, mud stained, waterproof or outdoor clothing will not be allowed in the Clubhouse at any time. Recognised golf attire, sandals and casual shoes without socks will be allowed until 8.00pm after which smart casual dress rules will apply.

Snooker Room, Adjacent Tv Lounge And Balcony

These are designated as casual areas. Recognised golf apparel, denim wear, sandals and casual shoes without socks will be allowed at all times. Players may use this area directly from the course but are requested to change their golf shoes before entering. Access to the main Clubhouse lounge is not permitted.

Please Note

We are aware that many clubs have relaxed their dress standards to allow tracksuits and trainers, this is not the case at Handsworth and this type of attire is prohibited on both the course and in the clubhouse.

Extensive changing facilities are provided and changing of attire including shoes in the car park area is forbidden.

We appreciate, with dress codes varying from club to club, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that your attire complies, especially if your home club has a relaxed attitude to standards of dress. If your attire does not meet the Handsworth standard, it creates a situation that is both embarrassing for the visitors and sensitive for the club to deal with. So, if you are in any doubt, please call the club on 0121 554 3387 for clarification.

We ask that organisers of visiting parties ensure that their party members are aware of the above.